Tournaments are a great way to work on your game, practice what you learned in your specific programs, meet new players, and get multiple matches in during the weekend.

Please note that we have information for tournament play for both adults and juniors.

UTR at Riviera Tennis Center

Riviera Tennis Center is a UTR certified event facility. RTC will host a series of UTR verified tournaments, round robins, events, and match days for all levels – both juniors and adults.

UTR (Universal Tennis Rating) is the world’s most accurate rating system. It promotes fair and competitive play across the tennis world. All players are rated on the same 1.00-16.50-point global scale based on daily match results.

UTR Tournaments are local events that match players of all abilities into a tournament draw. UTR events guarantee a certain number of matches for each player. Some events are restricted by level, while others are open to any level player.

For information on UTR Tournaments near you and to register as a UTR player, please go to the UTR website at Registration is FREE and a requirement for participation.

All UTR players are invited to join our Riviera Tennis Center members on the UTR website at: There, you can meet other players as well as receive news and updates regarding RTC tournaments and events.


For more information, please contact:

Director of Racquet Sports, Jane Forman

Phone: (305) 775 – 4727


First, make sure you are a UTR Member, as it is a requirement to participate in any tournament or flex league. It’s quick, easy, and FREE to join.

Once you’re a UTR member, go to the Riviera Tennis Center UTR Club page and request to join. You’ll meet other players and stay informed of all of our UTR tournaments and events.




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