Please read this Release and Wavier, and fill out the information below stating that you’ve read it and agree to abide by it. This form must be completed in order for your child(ren) to be fully registered in any program.

LIKENESS RELEASE & WAIVER: The Riviera Tennis Center occasionally takes photographs or videos of its students for use on its website and social media. If you DO NOT want your child photographed or filmed, please contact the Director of Racquet Sports, Jane Forman, and let her know. Otherwise,

LIABILITY RELEASE & WAIVER: I do hereby, for and on behalf of myself, my child(ren), and my legal representatives, release and forever discharge the Riviera Tennis Center, the Riviera Schools, and all employees from any and all claims and damages, losses or injuries which may be suffered or sustained by my child in connection with all activities at the Riviera Tennis Center, and all claims are hereby waived and released, and I covenant not to sue therefor.

MEDICAL RELEASE: I hereby consent to the rendering of emergency first aid and other medical procedures which, at the time of injury or illness as is reasonably advisable. I further understand that I will be responsible for payment of any such medical procedures.

I have read and fully understand the contents, meanings, and impact of this Release and Waiver. I understand by signing this Release, I have given up substantial rights. I have voluntarily signed this Release & Waiver.