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We encourage all players of all levels to join a league so you can use the tools you’ve learned in lessons and drills in friendly court competitions.

Riviera Tennis Center has USTA and Day League Teams of all levels of play. Teams self-form at the Riviera Tennis Center, to allow for the best fit of teams to players. Team captains must request and confirm their team’s slot every season to play at our facility.

If you are new to the sport or simply new to RTC, the best way to find the right team to join is to sign up for one of our clinics. Our certified pros will be able to assess your skills and match you with a team you can grow with.



Tournaments are a great way to work on your game, practice what you learned in your specific programs, meet new players, and get multiple matches in during the weekend. The Riviera Tennis Center encourages adult players to take the plunge into the competitive arena.

UTR Tournaments are local events that match players of all abilities into a tournament draw. UTR events guarantee a certain number of matches for each player. Some events are restricted by level, while others are open to any level player.

For information on UTR Tournaments near you and to register as a UTR player, please go to the UTR website at https://universaltennis.com. Registration is FREE and a requirement for participation.



To find out more about our teams and how to join them, and for questions please contact:

Director of Racquet Sports, Jane Forman

Phone: (305) 775 – 4727
Email: janeforman@rivieraschools.com

If you have any questions, please contact:

Director of Racquet Sports, Jane Forman

Phone: (305) 775 – 4727
Email: janeforman@rivieraschools.com

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