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School is out! Summer Programs are in!

Keeping your kids active during the summer break with the Riviera Tennis Center’s tennis programs is a great way to maximize tennis training and learn a sport of a lifetime.

Riviera Tennis Center offers comprehensive tennis programs including Riviera Day Camp, Mini-Camps, Junior Clinics, High-Performance Training, and Private lessons.

Kids ages 4-16 of all levels will have a summer filled with tennis, fitness, match play, and tons of fun! No matter what age or level, kids will train like pros and have fun like kids!


Ages 4 – 17


Riviera Tennis Center offers  a 9am-12pm tennis camp and training program throughout the year.

Kids of all levels, beginners through high performance have the opportunity to take full advantage of no school holidays with a  3 hour comprehensive camp program.

This half-day comprehensive training program is filled with tennis, fitness, match play, and tons of fun!



Grades 3 – 10


South Florida’s most UNFORGETTABLE summer camp experience!

We combine everything a camper could want into one place. Campers get the variety of a general camp, the expertise of a specialty camp, and the tradition of a sleep-away camp, all while experiencing an environment that is unique to Riviera.

Jane Forman is the director of tennis at the day camp, and she brings the traditional tennis camp vibe. She assures that Riviera Tennis Center’s professional tennis staff will teach your kids in a fun and non-intensive manner.

If you choose tennis as the area of focus, your child will get all the benefits of a traditional tennis camp, coupled with the amenities and activities of the best day camp in South Florida!

Please click on the button below for all the details, including the complete list of activities, the days and times, and the registration form.



Ages 4 – 17


The Riviera Tennis Center has tailored their “Beat the Heat” Summer Program to meet the needs of each junior player, focusing on the skills that need to be acquired by age and ability. Each division has pro-level instruction and play to foster a life-long love for tennis.

Players are introduced to fundamental tennis and athletic skills through fun, relaxed activities. We use the USTA’s “ROGY” methods for both instruction and play. This program allows all levels of players to be introduced to tennis in an easy-to-grasp manner. For the younger players, it also features modified racquets, balls, courts, and scoring to “right-size” the game. This allows players to gain skills at a much earlier age and have fun while they learn the sport.

Our summer session is 8 weeks long, and you can choose for your child to attend 1 or more days per week (days vary by level).



Ages 8 – 16

Pickleball is a paddle sport created for all ages and skill levels. The rules are simple and the game is easy for beginners to learn, but can develop into a quick, fast-paced, competitive game for experienced players. It’s a fun sport that combines many elements of tennis, badminton and ping-pong on a badminton-sized court and modified tennis net. Played as singles and doubles with a paddle and a plastic ball with holes.

No matter their age or skill level, our Junior Pickleball Clinic will provide the opportunity for your child to learn and grow this fun sport while making new friends along the way!




The Riviera Tennis Center’s High-Performance summer program is by invitation only. Players must, at a minimum, compete in UTR and USTA tournaments and maintain a certain ranking/level.

Summer High-Performance Training is 3 hours long and will include 45 minutes of fitness to increase the player’s conditioning and strength.

The High-Performance summer program will focus on technique-based drills, court strategy, conditioning, agility/speed training, and coached match play to further develop players who are actively pursuing an elite level of play.

​Our summer session is 12 weeks long, and you can choose for your child to attend either daily or weekly.

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