Riviera Tennis Center’s (RTC) Junior Program is designed to help junior tennis players reach their highest potential no matter what level. Through the Tennis Center Program, kids ages 4-17 will have an opportunity to customize their pathways to be the best players they can be. From beginners to high-performance players, RTC’S staff of professionals will help map out the best program for each individual Junior willing to put in the work. After-School Programs, Holiday Camps, Tournaments, and private lessons are offered year long day and night.


Movement Through Level


The Tennis Center has a 3-tiered progressive system which allows for Juniors of every age and level to participate and progress at their own pace — Junior Development, Academy, and High Performance.

Each of these divisions requires a set of skills that need to be mastered in order for the player to move up to the next stage of development. Classes focus on athletic development and technical instruction as coaches work on skill acquisition.  Coachs’ evaluations are ongoing, so players will always have opportunities to progress.


For information regarding our policies, please click HERE. For all other information, please contact:

Director of Racquet Sports, Jane Forman

Phone: (305) 775 – 4727
Email: janeforman@rivieraschools.com


This is a “ROGY” program that allows players of all levels to be introduced to tennis in an easy-to-grasp manner, featuring modified racquets, balls, courts, and scoring to “right-size” the game.

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This program is by invitation only. Players must, at a minimum, compete in UTR and USTA tournaments and maintain a certain ranking/level. The High-Performance program will focus on technique-based drills, court strategy, conditioning, agility/speed training, and coached match play to further develop players who are actively pursuing an elite level of play.

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This a skills based program that focuses on teaching players both technique and strategy. Our programs are play based, with drills that are match specific. All of our lessons are designed to help players continuously improve their games over time, no matter the age or level.

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The Riviera Tennis Center encourages players to try tournaments. Tournaments are a great way to work on your game, meet new players and get multiple matches in during the weekend. The Riviera Tennis Center is also a venue host for local USTA sanctioned and UTR tournaments.

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