The Riviera Tennis Center tailors their program to meet the needs of each player, focusing on the skills that need to be acquired by age and ability. Each division has pro-level instruction and play to foster a life-long love for tennis.

We use the USTA’s “ROGY” methods for both instruction and play. This program allows all levels of players to be introduced to tennis in an easy-to-grasp manner. The program features modified racquets, balls, courts, and scoring to “right-size” the game. This allows players to gain skills at a much earlier age, while also having fun learning the game.

Players start in the Red Ball Program, move to the Orange, then the Green, and finally the Yellow. The progression system acts as an easy way to increase difficulty while playing the sport.


Players are introduced to fundamental tennis and athletic skills through fun, relaxed activities.

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This level introduces the basics skills of tennis using hand-eye coordination drills along with stroke production.

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The focus at this level is on tactics and general point play using cooperative drills to introduce players to serve, rally, and scoring.

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Students will build a strong foundation through playing and fun drills that will lead to quicker development. Singles and doubles strategy is also a large component to this level, with focus on the keys to consistency, footwork, and serve/returns.

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For information regarding our policies, please click HERE. For all other information, please contact:

Director of Racquet Sports, Jane Forman

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Email: janeforman@rivieraschools.com

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