High Performance Program Registration

The Riviera Tennis Academy’s High-Performance program is by invitation only. Players must, at a minimum, compete in UTR and USTA tournaments and maintain a certain ranking/level. High-Performance clinics are 2 hours long and will include 30 minutes of fitness to increase the player’s conditioning and strength.

The High-Performance program will focus on technique-based drills, court strategy, conditioning, agility/speed training, and coached match play to further develop players who are actively pursuing an elite level of play.

Our current session is 8 weeks long, and is flexible. You can choose for your child to attend either 1 or both days. *Match Play Friday is included.*


Schedule Details


Current Registration Session

Session 2: November 7 – December 24, 2022 (8 weeks)


Upcoming Sessions

Session 3: January 9 – March 4, 2023 (8 weeks)
Session 4: March 6 – May 6, 2023 (8 weeks)




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Please make all payments at the Riviera Tennis Center. Credit and debit card only. Thank you.